Westin has been designing and manufacturing cooker hoods since 1921. They are known within the British kitchen industry for their high quality and excellence.

At Westin, the designers collaborate closely with the customer service and manufacturing teams to produce top-performing cooker hoods that meet customers' needs. The designers strive to improve their collections and provide the best possible products continuously.

Westin has several collections within their product range:

  • Ceiling Series
  • Built-In Series
  • Island Series
  • Wall Series
  • Professional Series

These are all very popular for different reasons. Ceiling hoods are perfect for open-plan kitchens; they give you a clear, unobstructed view. The Built-In cooker hoods are designed to fit into a cabinet, inglenook or mantel above the hob; these are very effective at local extraction. The Island Series are statement pieces over an island; they are eye-catching hoods to ensure the island is the key feature of the kitchen. The wall series comes in a wide range of designs, from traditional to modern. As a keen home cook, having a hood with extra power is important. Professional series hoods can provide just that.

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