Franke was established in 1911 as a plumbing company in Switzerland. Franke produced the first sinks made of galvanised copper sheets in the mid-1920s. Since then, they have been a leading global supplier of cutting-edge products and services for domestic kitchens and food service systems. Franke's passion for design, technology, and engineering is evident in all of their product offerings.

Franke produces products that seamlessly blend into your kitchen and enhance your daily routine with high-quality performance. They always want to improve their products to be better than the previous; they use the opportunity to learn and improve every day.

Franke has created various product families because they understand that every kitchen is unique, and they strive to offer a range of options to accommodate these differences. They developed the Mythos – ‘a passion for the best’ product family; this collection includes products that never fail to impress. They are elegant, tasteful and driven by purpose. They created the Maris -"family in the kitchen" range which was created to seamlessly fit into your daily life. These products and appliances are designed to enhance your style and workflow in the kitchen. Franke also created the Smart – ‘straight to what matters’ product family. Smart is a range of products created and engineered to suit your needs and style.

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