What do you think is the first touchpoint of your kitchen? It's none other than the sink. This is where you wash your hands and prep your food. Having a thought-through solution that coincides with your tap and waste system will make things easier and save you time while ensuring good hygiene. 
When it comes to water in your kitchen, you really want to have the smartest and most trustworthy solution. The BLANCO UNIT will provide you with a beautiful masterpiece while adding the functionality and intelligence that you need. The BLANCO UNIT makes everyday kitchen life not only easier but more stylish, too. Its holistic design pays particular attention to perfect colour combinations and surface finishes. 
Enhance your kitchen with a seamless solution that supports your daily water-related chores by combining mixer tap, sink and waste systems. Water plays an essential role in kitchen life. It does its bit for every dish, and not a day goes by without us using it. Water is used when preparing food and is found in every drink. It's utterly indispensable, from a welcome sip of water to freshly washed chopped salads. And it all comes down to this one important spot in your kitchen—the BLANCO UNIT.

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